Where to go from here

We are no longer publishing new signatures to the pledge on this website, but you can still support our movement!

Over 2,500 people have signed the pledge in a single week, ranging from individual professionals to managers and executives, belonging to organizations ranging from the largest U. S. tech companies to government departments to startups to one-person consultancies. This is a clear demonstration that a wide cross-section of tech workers are opposed to the U.S. government using databases to target people by race, religion, or national origin—so much so that they are willing to put their jobs and their reputations on the line to prevent this from happening.

We are heartened and grateful for your enthusiasm and support! While we would love to keep publishing new signatures on this web site, verifying thousands of signatures expends a great deal of human effort, and we were starting to burn out our volunteers.

If you are passionate about this issue, there are many ways to make a difference. As tech workers, we have extraordinary power and influence in the upcoming days. If you signed or wanted to sign this pledge, here are some ideas for further actions you can take as a tech worker:

The pledge has shown us that our workplaces and technical communities are full of people who share our concerns. Let’s take the time to find one another and talk together, so we can find comfort in numbers and feel less anxious about what the future might bring. Together, we can hold our companies accountable for the technologies we build, and act together in solidarity and in conjunction with advocacy organizations best positioned to resist discrimination.

Finally, if you take the pledge, please remember: the pledge is a personal, individual commitment; announcing your commitment is an invitation to others to help you hold yourself accountable.

Thank you and good luck!

— The neveragain.tech organizers